MAZUT M100, CST280 & CST380




It is a Vicious, Dark and Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) used as a form of commercial fuel. It is mostly used in generating power for factories. In the United States of America and Europe, It is also used for the production of Diesel. In Russia and other Eastern countries, it’s used for heating houses. The oil is extremely attractive to consumers due to the economical price of the product, the availability and the ease of refining the crude forms of it. M100 GOST is also manufactured to GOST specifications.


The high British Thermal Unit (BTU) content makes it ideal for larger boilers in producing steam. It is especially remarkable for the amount of energy it generates. It can be compared to number 6 oil, its part of the products left over after gasoline and lighter compounds are evaporated from the crude oil.


Mazut M100
Mazut M100


It is almost exclusively manufactured in the Iran, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan. This product is typically used for larger boilers in producing Steam since the BTU content is high. The most important consideration (not the only consideration) when grading this fuel is the Sulfur content. It can mostly be affected by the source of feedstock. For shipment purposes, this product is considered a “Dirty Oil” product, and because viscosity drastically affect whether it is able to be pumped, shipping has unique requirements.


The main difference between the different types of M–100 is the content of Sulphur.


The grades are represented by these sulfuric levels:


”Very Low Sulphur” is with a Sulphur content of 0.5%.

”Low Sulphur” it is with a Sulphur content of 0.5–1.0%.

”Normal Sulphur” it is with a Sulphur content of 1.0–2.0%.

”High Sulphur” It is with a Sulphur content of 2.0–3.5%.


Very Low Sulfur Mazut is generally made from the lowest sulfur crude feedstocks. 


Standard Specifications of Mazut M100 (GOST 10585 – 2013), CST180, CST280 & CST380 Fuel Oil:


Standard Specification of  Mazut M100 (GOST 10585 – 2013


Standard Specification of Mazut 180CST Fuel Oil


Standard Specification of  Mazut 280CST Fuel Oil


Standard Specification of Mazut 380CST Fuel Oil