Gilsonite is a pivotal component in the dynamic printing industry, significantly enhancing various inks. This naturally occurring mineral plays a crucial role in improving wetting and bonding characteristics, particularly in black and brown inks used in newspapers and magazines. Gilsonite’s versatility extends beyond mere enhancement, encompassing economic benefits and ecological considerations.


Enhancing Performance:


Gilsonite serves as a primary wetting agent in ink formulations for black and brown prints. Its inclusion improves bonding, reduces rubbing effects, and enhances overall print quality. Acting as a binding agent with paper, it contributes to print longevity, minimizing undesired effects.


In the competitive landscape of ink additives, Gilsonite plays a unique role. With its ability to substitute 2% 5% of other additives, such as hydrocarbon and phenolic formaldehyde resins, it provides a costeffective approach to formulation. This economic advantage positions Gilsonite as a preferred choice in large-scale ink production.


Versatility in Applications:

Competing with oilbased hydrocarbon resins, phenolic formaldehyde resins, and metal resins, Gilsonite is obtained through solvent extraction and finds applications in diverse ink types. From black news to heat set and gravure ink, its wetting agent properties make it indispensable in formulation processes.


Beyond its technical attributes, Gilsonite showcases adaptability in various formulations. It readily dissolves in solvents like Xylene ((CH3)2C6H4), Toluene (CH3) and Benzene (C6H6), making it compatible with non-oil branded inks. Combining with sour fatty acid, it contributes to black pigmentation, resulting in a spectrum of varieties with unique characteristics.

Gilsonite used in making the Ink


Economic Benefits:


One standout feature of Gilsonite in the ink industry is its economic feasibility. In many cases, 10% to 15% of the formula in largescale printing factories is constituted by Gilsonite. This costeffective approach doesn’t compromise on performance, making it an attractive option for ink producers.


The resin form of Gilsonite plays a pivotal role in binding pigments to paper. This application is not just a technical requirement but also a critical factor in achieving high gloss prints. By avoiding pigment dispersion, Gilsonite contributes to the overall quality and visual appeal of the final printed material.


Beyond Printing:

Gilsonite’s utility goes beyond the realm of inks. It finds applications in various industries, including the production of asphalt black colors, polished oils, and anti-corrosion coatings. Its role as a UVresistant agent for car covers and its use in wood stains further demonstrate the versatility of this mineral.


In the realm of ink production, Gilsonite’s applications are not limited to traditional forms. The Gilsonite powder, available in various mesh sizes, contributes to formulations by providing adjustable viscosity, improved flow, and enhanced penetration characteristics. Compatible with various materials, including drying oils, resins, hydrocarbon resins, elastomers, and waxes, Gilsonite powder adds a layer of flexibility to development for specialty applications.







In conclusion, Gilsonite’s prominence in the industry is undeniable. Its multifaceted role in enhancing performance, providing economic benefits, and extending into various applications underscores its importance. As technology and sustainability continue to shape the industry, Gilsonite stands as a reliable and adaptable component, contributing to the evolution of formulations and their diverse applications.




Packing of Gilsonite Powder for Ink:


Gilsonite in lump form like rock packed in 500 1000/Kg. Jumbo Bag

Gilsonite powder 200 mesh packed in 500 1000/Kg. Jumbo Bag

Gilsonite powder 300 mesh packed in 500 1000/Kg. Jumbo Bag

Gilsonite powder 30 40 mesh packed in 500 1000/Kg. Jumbo Bag

Gilsonite powder 100 mesh packed in 500 1000/Kg. Jumbo Bag

Gilsonite powder 300 mesh packed in 25/Kg. PP Bag

Gilsonite powder 200 mesh packed 25/Kg. Multi Paper Bag

Gilsonite powder 200 mesh packed 50/lbs Multi Paper Bag

Gilsonite powder 30-40 mesh packed PP Bag on Pallet

Bulk on vessel