In ink industry, Gilsonite is used for carbon black wetting. It also improves the bonding in black inks and headset gravure inks used in newspapers and magazines. Applying Gilsonite in ink makes it a better binding agent with paper by decreasing the rubbing effect of the final print. It also provides a more economical approach, as 2% 5% of the additive is substituted for other additives such as hydrocarbon and phenolic formaldehyde resins (PF) Gilsonite is used as the main ingredient in black carbon for black and brown inks.


Gilsonite competes with oilbased hydrocarbon resins, phenolic formaldehyde resins and metal resins. It is obtained by solvent extraction from raw material and is used as a wetting agent for black news ink, and the regulation of heat and gravity ink.


Gilsonite is easily soluble in soluble specialties in Xylene ((CH3)2C6H4), Toluene (CH3) and Benzene (C6H6) and in most solvents. Nonoil branded ink contains a combination of Gilsonite scales and sour fatty acid with black carbon pigmentation.


Generally, utilizing natural bitumen in Paint, Ink & Stains has been successfully tested over and over throughout the years. Gilsonite is a mineral found in certain parts of the world and has numerous applications. Uses and application of Gilsonite in Paints, Inks, Coatings and Stains industry is common because of features such as adhesion, resistance to water and moisture, competitive price and etc,.

Gilsonite used in making the Ink


Gilsonite resin is often used as the primary carbon black ink, news ink, and headset, and gravure inks. Gilsonite resin is a good competitor to petroleum, phenolic and thin metal wire hydrocarbon resins, which can act as a complement or replacement to all of them. Keep in mind that several concentrations of Gilsonite resin are used for durable news inks with better gloss and adhesion properties. On the other hand, distinct grades of certain types of Gilsonite called select are used in the formulation of black inks as well as additives in asphalt paints and polishes.


Gilsonite is used to extract black and opaque brown pigments, which are used to make printer inks. Gilsonite is widely used along with carbon black to produce black ink and gravure ink.


Gilsonite resin competes very well with petroleumbased hydrocarbon resins, phenolic resins, and metal resins, which can be used with different concentrations at all costs. Different concentrations of this substance are used to produce special inks with high luminosity. A special type of Gilsonite is also used in the manufacture of asphalt black paints and polished oils.


Gilsonite can also be used to prepare a blackbrown colored solution that is used in bitumen coating gas, sewage, etc. This product is used in covering exterior surfaces, as well as to create acid resistance of surfaces, car chassis coating and coating of metal structures. It is also used as a low-cost alternative to other resins in black ink compounds.





Normally 2% till 5% of finished ink formula would be from Gilsonite and normally in production line in big factories that they are producing offset printing inks will use 10% till 15% from Gilsonite in their production process.


Gilsonite resin will bind the pigments to the paper and one of the most important reasons of using Gilosnite in the ink industry productions is its resin application. This specification of Gilsonite will avoid dispersing carbon black on paper and high glass papers.


The applications of Gilsonite in ink, asphalt black colors, polished oils, anti corrosion coating, cover cars to deal with UV rays, wood Stains is examined below:


General definition of Gilsonite Powder in Ink:


Gilsonite and Gilsonite resin are both derived by solvent extraction of raw Gilsonite. They are used as carbon black wetting agents for black news ink and heat set and gravure ink. Gilsonite is readily soluble without heating in solvent especially in Xylene, Toluene, and Benzene and in the most chlorinated solvent.


The proportions of the Gilsonite powder (Fig No. 2:) and the tall oil fatty acid may be varied, as viscosity requirements change due to differences in press speeds, newsprint characteristics, and the like. The ink thus has readily adjustable viscosity, together with an enhanced flow and penetration characteristics, while being extremely economical to manufacture.


Gilsonite ink powder is compatible with drying oils, vegetable oils, resins, hydrocarbon resins, elastomers, asphalts, and waxes for specialty applications.


Ink Powder
Gilsonite Powder


Gilsonite Use in Ink:


Gilsonite is used as the first wet carbon agent in the black inks of newspapers and magazines, also known as organic inks. Black and brown pigments extracted from this mineral, are used in the preparation of printer inks. Printer ink is a combination of carbon black and bitumen, which with the help of Gilsonite, becomes stickier and its durability is much longer. The most important benefit of using this product in the ink industry is to streamline and stabilize materials. A variety of inks including printer ink, newspaper ink, lithographic and offset ink, gravure, castel ink can be produced using Gilsonite.


High concentrations of Gilsonite are used in newspaper printing inks. For proper use of this material, low degree of softness and ash below 3% is recommended. However, it is normally used in doses of 2 to 5% in different formulas and color combinations. This is despite the fact that sometimes 10 to 20% is used as a lowcost alternative to other resins in black ink compounds.


Gilsonite resin is a good competitor to petroleum hydrocarbon resins, phenolic resins, which can act as a complement or alternative to all of them. Different concentrations of this substance are used to produce special inks with high luminosity. This substance is used in black ink as a costeffective alternative to other resins.




Packing of Gilsonite Powder for Ink:


Gilsonite in lump form like rock packed in 500 1000/Kg. Jumbo Bag

Gilsonite powder 200 mesh packed in 500 1000/Kg. Jumbo Bag

Gilsonite powder 300 mesh packed in 500 1000/Kg. Jumbo Bag

Gilsonite powder 30 40 mesh packed in 500 1000/Kg. Jumbo Bag

Gilsonite powder 100 mesh packed in 500 1000/Kg. Jumbo Bag

Gilsonite powder 300 mesh packed in 25/Kg. PP Bag

Gilsonite powder 200 mesh packed 25/Kg. Multi Paper Bag

Gilsonite powder 200 mesh packed 50/lbs Multi Paper Bag

Gilsonite powder 30-40 mesh packed PP Bag on Pallet

Bulk on vessel