Ariyan International Inc. 

About Us and Who We Are

Ariyan International Inc. is a global sourcing company for commodities based in Toronto, Canada. We help organizations to source any product available in our list easily, reliably and efficiently.


Bridging Businesses Together


We want to make it enjoyable for you to do business anywhere.


Our commodity sourcing team helps customers to buy commodity products in a simple and costeffective way. With over 21 years of active experience, our team is extremely well versed in finding products at the right price, from reliable refineries and factrories. On a personal level, we are easy to work with, honest, and have the experience, enthusiasm and expertise to deliver results.

Why Ariyan International Inc. for Commodity Sourcing?


Best suppliers in the market

We have an extensive network of the best suppliers in the market who make a critical contribution to the continued success of our company. Our products are selected by industry experts and are only of the highest quality.


People you can trust


Whether you’re looking for answers or trying to find a proper solution for your sourcing needs, the customer is always our first priority. We’ll help you resolve your issues in a timely manner. When you connect with us, you are going to talk to someone who has many years of extensive experience and knowledge about the specific commodity you are seeking.


We are different


When you choose to do business with Ariyan International Inc., you are working with a company who wants to change the commodity sourcing business. We only deal with manufacturers who are capable of meeting your capacity and only source from suppliers who offer the highest product quality; an easier buying process and faster product delivery than our competitors. Our suppliers are genuine and able to perform. Our goal is to ensure that your experience with us is as seamless as possible.


Fundamental values


Our values have long been the anchor of our work. They are essential guides for our company and standards by which we live by. Ariyan International Inc. has five fundamental values which reflect what we do and who we stand for. They help us achieve our purpose of raising the bar in creating transparency and intergrity so that our customers can have peace of mind in knowing they are in safe hands.




Honesty and fairness guide our actions. We treat everyone with honesty, dignity and respect. We expect our team to uphold the highest standards of integrity and to uphold their commitments.


Value Creation


Create long–term value for customers, the company and society. We aim to meet all of our customers expectations and want our customers to be repeat customers.




We recognize that our customers are trusting us and we care profoundly about them. We expect our team to take full responsibility for their actions.


Openness & Trust


We are open to other opinions and ideas. Additionally, we value communication and relationships that are based on integrity with our customers, our suppliers and society in general.


Customer focus


We develop and understand relationships with customers to satisfy their needs. We undertake all our activities with the highest regard for our customers.


Anytime, Anywhere


We continue to help businesses do more and discover new opportunities. We are just an email away to connect you with our reliable team.