Bullion Gold

Bullion Gold Bullion Gold Bullion Gold Bullion Gold

Bullion Gold (Aurum) with the purity of 999.9%. Raw Gold (Bar, Powder, Dore, Nuggets) on purity of 92 – 98%

Gold is a chemical element with symbol Au (from Latin: Aurum) and atomic number 79. It is making it one of the higher atomic number elements that occur naturally. In its purest form, it is a Bright, Slightly Reddish Yellow, Dense, Soft, Maalleable, and Ductile Metal. Gold often occurs in free elemental (native) form, as nuggets or grains, in rocks, in veins, and in alluvial deposits. It occurs in a solid solution series with the native element silver (as electrum) and also naturally alloyed with copper and palladium. Less commonly, it occurs in minerals as gold compounds, often with tellurium (Gold Tellurides).

Gold is resistant to most acids, though it does dissolve in aqua regia, a mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid, which forms a soluble tetrachloroaurate anion. It is insoluble in nitric acid, which dissolves silver and base metals, a property that has long been used to refine gold and to confirm the presence of gold in metallic objects, giving rise to the term “Acid Test”. Also dissolves in alkaline solutions of cyanide, which are used in mining and electroplating. It dissolves in mercury, forming amalgam alloys, but this is not a chemical reaction.

Au Bullion gold has been one of the most valuable store of wealth for thousands of years. Throughout history, it has always held its value, thriving and surviving during times of economic uncertainty.

Au Bullion Gold and raw gold (Bars, Powder, Dore and Nuggets) are a portable asset, readily convertible worldwide. Gold does not rust, corrode or tarnish and is immune to the effects of water, oxygen and weather. Unlike numismatic coins, or jewelry, gold has no artistic component in its value. Gold is in high value and as one of the safest investment, due to the extreme rarity of gold. It is also because of the limited amount of it. The minimum purity of gold is 99.5%. Many companies and jewelers use bullion Gold or several forms of Raw Gold to produce their products they offer to their customers. Private individuals use gold as an investment or potential store of value.